Monday, May 12, 2008

Famous marine biologists

Ali Abdelghany (born 1944), Egyptian marine biologist
Jakob Johan Adolf Appellöf (1857-1921), Swedish marine zoologist.
Samuel Stillman Berry (1887-1984), U.S. marine zoologist.
Henry Bryant Bigelow (1879–1967), U.S. marine biologist.
Rachel Carson (1907-1964), American Marine Biologist and Author.
Carl Chun (1852-1914), German marine biologist
Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910-1997), French marine biologist and explorer
Charles Darwin (1809-1882), wrote Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs (1842) while aboard the HMS Beagle
Anton Dohrn (1840-1909), German marine biologist
Sylvia Earle (born 1935), American oceanographer
Hans Hass (born 1919), Austrian marine biologist and diving pioneer
Gotthilf Hempel (born 1929), German marine biologist
Ilham Artüz (1924-1993), Turkish Marine Biologist and Oceanographer
Johan Hjort (1869-1948), Norwegian marine zoologist and one of the founders of ICES
Bruno Hofer (1861-1916), German fisheries scientist
Emperor Showa of Japan (1901-1989), jellyfish taxonomist
Uwe Kils (born 1951), German marine biologist
August David Krohn (1803–1891), Russian/German zoologist
William Elford Leach (1790-1836), English zoologist and marine biologist
Nicholai Miklukho-Maklai (1846-1888), Russian marine biologist and anthropologist
Sir John Murray (1841-1914), Scots-Canadian marine biologist
Ed Ricketts (1897-1948), American marine biologist noted for a pioneering study of intertidal ecology
Harald Rosenthal (born 1937), German hydrobiologist known for his work in fish farming and ecology
Michael Sars (1809–1869), Norwegian theologian and biologist
Georg Sars (1837-1927), Norwegian marine biologist
Gunnar Thorson (1906-1971), Danish marine biologist
Ruth Turner (1915-2000), marine biologist
Charles Wyville Thompson (1832-1882), Scottish marine biologist